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Samson 28 – A Rugged Cape Island Style Yacht

Samson Enterprises builds two handsome Cape Island style boats that live up to the Nova Scotia boat-building tradition. They are the Samson 28 and the Samson 30, and they are virtually the same except that the 30-footer has two feet … Continue reading

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Ranger Tugs R-29 – Luxury On A Trailer

Ranger Tugs introduced the 29-foot model of their popular tug boat-style pleasure craft in January of 2009, and the company that’s known for offering a safe, stable vessel with generous creature comforts has remained true to its tradition of offering … Continue reading

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“A Horrid Engine Noise, A Gorgeous Chris Craft, and A Lesson Learned …”

Read the story in the article on our OP-ED page … and take steps to maintain the belt pulleys on your inboards! Jump to the OP-ED page here.

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Ellis 28 Flybridge Cruiser – 55+ years of boat building excellence …

In 1945, the boating industry was very different than it is today. Boats were mostly wood, and joinery and finishwork in and on them was a badge of honor (or a ‘beware’ sign) for the builder. There were many fewer … Continue reading

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“Mayday, Mayday, Mayday …” Transmit your ID info and exact position at the push of a button in an emergency with DSC …

Your delightful weekend cruise from Pt. Townsend, WA – Friday Harbor, WA in the San Jaun Islands has turned to a nightmare. One minute you’re laughing at one of Hal’s out-of-date jokes – a fine example of Audrey’s famous Bloody … Continue reading

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Aspen Cat C90 – A Single Engine Catamaran With New Hull Technology, a Diesel Powerplant & 3 gph at 16 Knots …

Once in awhile a small yacht is introduced that changes the way similar yacht designers and builders look at their vessels. Larry Graf – the guy who helped Glacier Bay Catamarans become the powerhouse designer/builder they have – founded Aspen … Continue reading

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The Rosborough RF-246 – The Boat That Ended Our 30-Year Search

I had spent most of my adult life hoping to own a trawler … a moderately large one of between 40 and 60 feet in length. I had familiarized myself with Nordhavn, Northern Marine, Kady-Krogen, Selene, Nordic Tug, Defever, MainShip … Continue reading

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Nimble Nomad 25 – In A Class Of Its Own

Nimble Boat Works, formerly of Clearwater, FL and presently located near Tampa, FL builds one of the most unique and quality-proven small yachts for inland water cruising. The Nimble Nomad 25 has changed very little since the first one came … Continue reading

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North Pacific Yachts NP28 – Establishing New Traditions

North Pacific Yachts has not been around a long time by yachting standards, but they’ve certainly made their mark in the yachting business since the company’s inception in 2004. The NP43, the yacht they started with, is still the largest … Continue reading

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Cutwater 28 – The builders of famed Ranger Tugs may have ‘broken the mold’ with this boat.

Cutwater Boats is new, but the concept behind the creation of the new Cutwater 26 and 28 is tried and true, and backed by the people who make one of most respected “tugs” in the business … the Ranger Tug. … Continue reading

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