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Links to compact yacht builders:

* bold denotes recent reviews on this site

Acadia 25 (

Aerocat 27

Albin 28

Albin 30 Family Cruiser (

Armstrong 25 Weekender (

Aspen Cat C90 (

Aylward 25 (

Back Cove 30 (

Bufflehead 22 (

C-Dory Venture 26 (

Caledon 27 (

Cutwater 28 (

Devlin 26

Dyer 29 Hardtop

Ellis 28 Flybridge Cruiser (

Excitecat 26

Glacier Bay 2680 (

Hunt Yachts Surfhunter 29

Marinaut 215 (

Mayrik P214 (

Minor Offshore 27

Minor Offshore 28


Nimble Nomad 25 (

Nord Star 28 Patrol

Nordic Tug 26

North Pacific 28 (

Ocean Sport Roamer 30

Osprey 30 Tug

Paragon 25

Parker 2830 Extended Cabin (

Prairie Trawler 29

Ranger Tug 25 (www.rangertugs .com)

Ranger Tug 27 (www.rangertugs .com)

Ranger Tug 29 (www.rangertugs .com)

Retromarine Cape Island Trawler 21 (

Rosborough RF-246 (

Rosborough Seaskiff 22  (

Samson 28 (

Sea Sport Adventurer

Sea Sport Navigator 2700

Seaway 24 Coastal Cruiser (

Sisu 22

Tomcat 255 (twin hull) (

Trusty 23

3 Responses to Links

  1. Hi Steve,

    I just stumbled onto your web site and I love it. I have had the trailerable trawler bug for a couple of decades and built my dream boat 7 years ago. It is a Devlin Surfscoter 27 and is remarkably similar to the Caladonian 27. You can see some shots of it on my blog site, ( The boat is no longer for sale but the site are with photos are still up. Anyway I look forward to reading you stuff.

    Thanks, Peter

    • skippersteve says:

      Hi Peter,

      I appreciated your e-mail and very much enjoyed “going through” your fine boat on your blog. She looks well-built and a lot of fun! Where have you cruised her to date?

      Would you consider doing an article and providing some photos of Alsek for I think our readers would love it, the boat is a wonderful example of a trailerable yacht and I’d be pleased to feature her on the blog.

      Thanks again for contacting me,

      Steve Reeves

      • Peter Poanessa says:


        I would be happy to put together a short article on our boat. It may take a little while my schedule is crammed right now.

        Thanks, Peter

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