Armstrong 25 Weekender Catamaran

The advantages of aluminum construction, the ruggedness of a commercial boat, and the stability and space offered in a catamaran come together in the Armstrong 25 Weekender. Armstrong Marine, Inc. of Port Angeles, Washington builds this boat (and many larger models), which is 25 feet long and 9’6” in beam. The boat looks commercial, and many of the characteristics that make commercial boats strong and rigid are present here. 

Armstrong 25’ Weekender Boat Reviews

Armstrong 25 Weekender Catamaran

Built to last for generations, the Armstrong is built of 5086 Aluminum alloy (.250 bottom p late and .190 side plate),  has a floor built on 24” centers, and features commerci al quality strengtheners in her hull. The 25 features a self-bailing aluminum deck aft, and sprayed polyurethane insulation to keep the boat cool in hot weather and warm in the cold.

The boat’s 10′ pilothouse offers 6’6” of headroom – at the top of it’s size class – and the Armstrong 25 Weekender sports 10 aluminum-framed windows. Heat is handled by a combination heater/range in the galley and all the other  comforts are addressed in the well-planned salon and V-berth sections of the boat. It’s notable that. as with most aluminum vessels, the level of ‘finish’ throughout the boat is top notch as far as aluminum welding, and somewhat utilitarian as far as wood and other surfaces. This is preferred by most owners as the low maintenance aluminum surfaces don’t require cleaning and refinishing as wood and various sorts of marine fiberboard would.

Ideal as a combination boat (that is, a boat from which he can fish and she can enjoy the yacht-like comforts) the Armstrong 25 Weekender, and her big sister the 30’ Walkaround Cruiser, are ideal for the marina customer who wishes to berth the boat. It is over the limit for trailering without a permit, however, and so will require a permit each time it is to be moved by road.

Armstrong offers propulsion by Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and other makers of quality outboard engines. Though other of the company’s boats offer inboard engine options, the 25 Weekender (a misleading name since this boat is equipped to make longer voyages) is strictly an outboard-powered boat. This is ideal, as it leaves more room for storage, etc. inboard.

The ‘work boat’ mentality that Armstrong Marine, Inc. puts into its boats is not just one of heritage, since Armstrong currently builds boats for the U.S. Government and government agencies of other countries. The Armstrong 25 Weekender benefits from this tradition, and an Armstrong owner can rely on the underlying foundations of safety, strength, rigidity and stability that both the builder and the boat they make promise.

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