C-Dory Venture 26

C-Dory Venture 26

Just say the name C-Dory in a place full of boating enthusiasts, and you’ll get an idea of the following this company has. Manufacturer of some 9 models of vessels, this maker is perhaps the largest, most recognized builder of quality small boats – if not small yachts – in the world today.

The deeper-V hull and reverse chines make the ocean motion much more manageable on this C-Dory (and the Venture 23) that on other C-Dory mono hulls.

The C-Dory Venture 26 features 6’4″ headroom in the main cabin, which is separated from the 6’4″ (long) V-berth by a privacy curtain. The boat has a galley with a range and sink, with an opening for a marine refrigeration unit. A convertible dinette is on the opposite side of the galley. The house on the Venture 26 is of sufficient size that proceeding into wilderness areas for several nights at a time is doable.

Primarily used by fisherman, the Venture series boats also have enough space to be outfitted as yachts and used as a shallow draft expedition vessel or combination boats.  More coming soon …

* Photos courtesy of mftr. website:


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