Glacier Bay Cat 2680 Completes 2700 Mile Odyssey


Glacier Bay Catamarans 2680

Glacier Bay Catamaran’s model 2680 made a 2700 mile odyssey between Seattle, WA and Glacier Bay, AK, no small accomplishment for a boat this size. This is also the vessel which completed a 1378 mile run to Midway Island in the South Pacific. Glacier Bay is noted for its quality of construction and the boats are revered for their seaworthiness, and the fact that their midsize cat has achieved these voyages speaks for the brand’s quality.

Glaci107132er Bay achieves the ruggedness of their boats through a no-compromise attitude about the materials and processes used to build them. The helms person experiences a mild, controlled helm as the hull (or hulls. in this case) absorbs whatever punishment the sea serves up. Glacier Bay claims that more than 60% in “peak impact loads” (the jarring and slamming common to V-hulls as measured in a test with an accelerometer) are eliminated vs. the test mono hull, which was a high-quality, identically-weighted, center console deep-V. A Glacier Bay 2660 Canyon Runner Center Console was the catamaran used in the test.

The sup107132erior sea-handling experienced in the 2680, and the space afforded by the fact that it is a multi-hull make it an ideal choice for those seeking to equip it as a yacht. Glacier Bay Catamarans offers a variety of options available to the new owner that include a quality galley, head and sleeper as well as an extended hard-top and canvas that encloses the boat and keeps heat or air conditioning inside.

The company builds both larger (3080 and 3480 Hardtop models) and smaller (2270 Cuddy) catamarans, so there is a choice to be made. Potential owners desiring a trailerable boat will want to consider size, as will those who plan to put their boat in a slip. Another consideration is that the boat comes only with twin outboard engines (Honda, Suzuki or Yamaha). While close quarters handling is excellent, you’ll have twice the costs associated with propulsion and propulsion maintenance. My personal take on the latter is that twin power on this wide, ocean going boat is necessary.

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