SIGHTING – Rosborough RF-246 At Coupeville, WA

KOKOMO at Coupeville, WA guest dock

It was a glorious day on the Saratoga Passage which separates the Washington mainland from Whidbey Island. Penn CoveĀ is located off the northernĀ reaches of the Saratoga, on Whidbey Island, and is home to the scenic seaside town of Coupeville, where we spent a peaceful night tied up to the town dock.

Coupeville offers boaters fine dining and shopping, plus a key-protected shower and restroom. Be advised that there is no water or power available at this port.

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2 Responses to SIGHTING – Rosborough RF-246 At Coupeville, WA

  1. Grant Janeway says:

    Dear Sir

    I will shortly be purchasing a new Rosborough 246 direct from the factory.

    I will be ordering her with a Garmin electronics suite and a single Honda 150.

    Ther factory is offering a Westerbeke marine generator for $10,000.00. My inclination is to use a Honda eu 2000, which I believe you have. I was wondering how it has preformed in Kokomo with similar power needs.

    I believe I read somewhere that EQ Marine had put these units on the power extensions on some Rossis.

    Has the Xantrex preformed well in conjunction with your Honda. One reads a great deal about the pros and cons of different charger, inverters etc.

    I have very much enjoyed your writings aboard Kokomo, please keep it up. Certainly your articles are the very best advertising that money can’t buy.

    I would very much appreciate your comments in that the boat, egine and electronics seemed like easy choices. Not so generator, chargers etc.

    Thank You

    Grant Janeway

    • skippersteve says:

      Dear Grant,

      Congrats on your decision to invest in a Rosborough, and welcome to the community. I ticked past the two year mark in the ownership of Kokomo last month, and I must say I remain very happy with the boat its systems and gear.

      On the question of the generator … I think I’d have a hard time trading away the space under the transom seat for the factory generator, even though it gives you a quality built-in unit. The Honda EU-2000 does everything I need, and gets used quite infrequently as it is. The one difference would be if you ever wish to install an air conditioner … that would require a larger generation unit and then the choice becomes the factory generator or the Honda 3000 Handy, which is larger, heavier and while still portable, I think that moving that unit about would become real old, real fast.

      Another consideration is that I have my Honda EU-2000 in a large, plastic box stored under the transom seat (you WILL get sea water and/or wash down water in the bilge and the generator doesn’t do well when wet; thus the box). I don’t think the Honda 3000 Handy will fit in a box, so you’ll have to consider where and how you’ll keep it/store it. Last, I think the idea of an EU-2000 mounted on the hull extension is good until you find you’re getting sea water or lake water over the extension in bad weather. Maybe it has to do with my Honda 150 twins (their combined weight) but that’s happened to me in big following seas a couple times, and I wouldn’t want a generator or powered freezer/fridge on the hull extension in those conditions.

      One of the boats I considered buying (had a deposit on it, in fact) had the very generator you’re considering from the factory. I really like having the generator controls on the helm, etc., but – in retrospect – I think I’d rather have the space than the slightly larger generator. Not to mention that I like having a portable generator for the RV and other tasks here and there.

      With the ProSINE 2000 inverter/charger (by Xantrex), I don’t use the generator unless I’m away from shorepower for more than three days!

      I hope that getting your Rosborough is a rewarding for you as it has been for me! Thanks for your kind words about as well.

      Wishing you fair seas,


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