Seaway 24 Coastal Cruiser

Seaway 24 Coastal Cruiser

The Seaway 24 Coastal Cruiser has been called a “close cousin” to the Rosborough RF-246, and the boat resembles the Rosborough at first glance.  There are some significant differences both in construction and layout, and some conceptual differences in the designer’s purposes for the boat’s use, though, and the boat should stand on its own and not be compared to others.

The Seaway Coastal Cruiser has a max horsepower rating of 175, and sports a hull that gives it a draft of just 14″. It is light (4500lbs. dry) 8’6″ beam, and 24′ in length,  which makes it trailerable without a permit. The builder states that the boat is 100% fiberglass, with decorative wood used in the floor and trim only.

The Seaway Coastal Cruiser is built in Milton, NH, by veteran boat builder Eastern Boats. It may be worth a visit to their website at for more information.

* Photos courtesy of mftr. website
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