SPOTLIGHT: Bufflehead 22 – Tiny Tug, Big ‘Tude!

SPOTLIGHT: I can imagine there’s a great story or geographical edifice that the name must have come from, but I don’t know it. What I do know is that the Bufflehead 22 has great features, tug-like sea keeping characteristics and has developed a following of compact yacht enthusiasts in the last couple years.
MacNaughton Associates offer plans for the Bufflehead in several versions, and there are many owner and yard changes and alterations that don’t affect the boat’s stability. There is quite a variety of vessel plans, both sailing and power, available from the MacNaughton Group, and there’s something to be said for participating in the design of your boat and having it built either in your own garage or at a nearby yard that you trust.

The Bufflehead 22 presents as a classic tug, with raised pilothouse and portholes in the salon and pilothouse that befit the genre. The salon features a stand-up head, two twins and a galley in the wheelhouse. The aft deck (the work deck on a commercial tug) is big enough for a pair of chairs, and a small shore boat or kayaks can be lifted on to the cabin top with the derrick.

One of the most popular builder alterations is to raise the fore deck to the height of the railings, creating additional space below in which bunks or another cabin can be designed. The hull, fabricated in steel, fiberglass or wood, is sturdy in all seas, and the boat is only 22 feet in length so it can be powered by a small, super-efficient diesel engine. Take a look at all the MacNaughton Group designs and let your dreams go wild!

Drawings courtesy of mftrs website:

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