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Following are our real-life impressions of some of the companies and services we’ve experienced. It’s our hope that they’ll help others choose who to trust their hard-earned marine dollars to …

[+] to BoatZincs.com for their selection and service. Angela researched the 2006 vs. 2007 zinc bar I needed and e-mailed the details the next day.

[+]  to Autotether for their quality product and great customer/technical service! 

[+]  to The GPS Store for their handling of my recent purchase of the Autotether Wireless Lanyard system. Excellent customer service and prompt price-matching!

[+]  to ACR Electronics for the quality of the products they build. We’re really happy with our PLB, RapidDitch Bag and First Aid Kit

[-]  to ACR Electronics for the hoops they make you jump through to get the free items you figured into the price of your purchase. Their ad read “Free ditch bag and first aid kit when you purchase an ACR PLB”. We received the PLB in about a week and filled out (all) the “bonus” paperwork and submitted it. We received the RapidDitch bag in just 3 weeks (great!), but it included another form we had to complete and mail in order to wait, once again before we received the first aid kit. The inclusion of the additional form felt like a ploy to ‘thin out the herd’ and further reduce the number of people who would send in the form (go through getting ID#s and model numbers again). It’s too bad a quality manufacturer plays these games with customers who’ve already demonstrated faith in their products. What if ACR just shipped everything together (less shipping cost, one instead of three warehousemen handling the order, and much happier customers)? Or at least have the bonus items shipped together!

[+]  to Lewmar’s windlass division for their quick warranty replacement parts service for our V700 vertical windlass. The windlass, which performs very well, features one plastic exterior part … it’s ‘fall-safe’ lever … which succumbed to UV exposure, shattered, and left our windlass without this safety feature. Though they only had a plastic replacement part, they provided it quickly, along with a helpful e-mail regarding installing it.

[+]  to CAFRAMO marine fans for their exemplary service and attitude in providing warranty service (and shipping the items for free from Canada) on our starboard 3-speed fan.

[+]? to Fulton winches for the drawn-out process that they put me through to get a warranty replacement for my 3200# winch (contacted the mftr, the Fulton Service Center x2, the trailer mftr. 3x and the dealer before they agreed to replace it). I now have the new winch and I’m looking forward to putting it to work. The 6 months of waiting and 24 emails of repeated explanations are in the past, and I am choosing to be an optimist about what caused the original winch to break in the first place. NOTE: In the end, the winch was shipped from Fresno, CA to the dealer in Cornet Bay, WA, then back to me in Paradise, CA. Wouldn’t it be both less expensive and save lots of time if they simply obtained whatever they need (in terms of warranty qualification) by phone or e-mail and shipped it direct to the end user?

[+] to DELTA anchors and the ‘old faithful’ 22lb anchor on our Rosborough. Lewmar/Delta has built one of the finest anchors in the world. It sets every time and holds in the strongest current and sea swells we have challenged it with.

[+]  to AFI for responding (although a bit slowly; 5 weeks) when ourwindshield washer sprayer head failed. The manufacturer of the best marine wipers, wiper arms and wiper wash systems (and more) sent us two new sprayer heads and everything needed to install them.

[+]  to UNIDEN for the quality of the Mystic GPS-integrated hand-held, rechargeable VHS radio they built. The Mystic has performed flawlessly for years and operates today with the same precision and reliability as when it came out of the box new. In addition to being a regular presence in our ditch bag, it has served as our loyal companion in the dinghy and sometimes during shore treks, a shore-ship communicator on commercial cruises in Alaska and the Caribbean, and more..

[-] to DELTA anchors (Lewmar!) for, to date, not responding (period) to two attempts to purchase anchor parts from them. Someone needs to revamp Lewmar’s online customer response service. I have yet to hear back in response to two e-mails I’ve sent spanning 3 months!

… more to come in this new section …


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