(Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I contact compactyachts.com? We look forward to hearing from you at compactyachts@gmail.com!

How do I contribute an article to compactyachts.com? E-mail the complete article with your name, e-mail address and professional affiliation (do you sell boats, parts?) to: compactyachts@gmail.com. We look forward to reading your submission.

How do I recommend a boat (that’s not on your list) that I’d like to see reviewed? We appreciate any recommendation you’d like to make on yachts, 30′ and smaller. Send it by e-mail to compactyachts@gmail.com.

Is there payment for article submissions to compactyachts.com? No. Though we don’t remunerate writers for articles they contribute, their topic will enrich thousands, and they will enjoy the benefits of other articles.

How do I register for your free drawings?┬áThe free drawings are part of our Facebook page. Just “like” the compactyachts.com page on Facebook (or click ‘like’ in the Facebook box to the right) to register.

How do I place/cancel a free classified ad on compactyachts.com? E-mail your complete ad (up to 100 words, including links and phone numbers), to: compactyachts@gmail.com. Your ad will run for 30 days, minimum. To cancel your ad, e-mail cancellation instructions from the same address you used to place the ad.

How do I contact the builder of a particular boat? The website of each featured boat is shown just after article. Also, the “Links” page features links to the builders and/or dealers for given brands.

How do I subscribe to the quarterly newsletter? Send your name and e-mail address, along with a reference to the Newsletter, to: compactyachts@gmail.com.

Does compactyachts.com accept photo submissions for inclusion in the gallery? Yes, absolutely. E-mail your photo, presumably of yachts or boats of less than 30 feet in length, to: compactyachts@gmail.com.

Will you write my classified if I tell you what I have for sale? No, sorry. Please double check your ad before e-mailing it to us, and submit it as a complete ad.

What format of digital photograph do you accept? We accept only .jpg photos, please.

How do you handle copyright issues for articles and photographs? We make the assumption that you own (you are the original author or you took the photo) of whatever you submit. Please do not submit non-owned articles and photographs.

If I order SkyHAWK sunglasses from compactyacht.com, who ships them and how long will they take to arrive? The folks behind compactyachts.com have been distributors for the SkyHAWK line (which we think is the finest pair of yachting sunglasses made today, regardless of price) and a couple others (we sell the Nero line of bicycling glasses and Sharpshooter shooting glasses as well) for more than 20 years. Your order is packaged and shipped from our California headquarters, usually the same or next day (M-F) and should arrive to you within a week … less if you’re west of the Rockies.

Can I submit a photo of my boat or someone else’s boat for a Newspoint blurb on compactyachts.com? Yes! We consider all boats (in our size class) for Newspoint features. Send a clear photo of the boat and some info about it, it’s owner (if you have it) and it’s location to: compactyachts@gmail.com. NOTE: It’s good to have the owner’s permission when possible.

How do I get my P.R. information published in compactyachts.com? Public Relations releases should be sent, with photo support when possible, to: compactyachts@gmail.com. We reserve the right to paraphrase P.R. info and refuse articles for any reason.

Do you sell the items you review on compactyachts.com? We sell only the items found on the Marine Store page of this site. ┬áMost of these are hard-to-find items that you’d have difficulty finding elsewhere. There are many quality marine outfitters that sell the items that we review.

How do I submit a letter to the editor? Send your letter and any accompanying photos to compactyachts@gmail.com. NOTE: We reserve the to tastefully paraphrase your letter, although most are published whole. We may not publish your letter. All publication is at the sole discretion of the editorial staff.

Where’s the “BOATS” page? – In our ongoing quest to streamline the site, the “Boats” page has been integrated in the “Links” page (since links to the builders are featured). Look there and you’ll find a partial list of the boats we’ve reviewed.

Didn’t compactyachts.com originally feature yachts to 32 feet? Yes. As we got into the type of boat we were featuring, we realized that most of the boats in which our readers would have an interest (largely trailerable yachts) would have to be 30-feet or shorter, so we’ve adjusted our length parameters to “30-foot or shorter yachts”.

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