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The items below have been carefully selected, are both hard to find elsewhere and heavily discounted, and may be ordered here using a credit card or your PayPal account. We stock and carefully ship all items from our own TRG facility. All items come with our bulletproof warranty. Questions? E-mail:


M.M.A. Speakers – Regarded as the premium speaker system for marine installations (see the testimonials in our flyer; link below), M.M.A. (Mariner Marine Audio)  speakers are the finest of their type. Choose from the 6.0″ Mariner III model (list price: $199), the 7.0″ Mariner II (list price: $249), or the coaxial Mariner I (list price $299) for your installation, and save 50%-70% by buying them here. ( $49 – $89 per pair here!; two-year extended warranty)

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SkyHAWK Sunglasses ($14.98 per pair) – CY is the official U.S. distributor for SkyHAWK sunglasses, the original Blue-Blocker/UV/UVB/UA light resistant shades that helmsmen around the world swear by. If you’ve experienced the soothing, vision enhancing, eye-protecting features of these sunglasses, you know why we love these glasses. With a bullet-proof warranty, our discount pricing and hundreds of glowing testimonials, we don’t think there’s a better bargain out there. And we carry the full SkyHAWK sunglasses line, both BlueBlocker and anti-glare Polarized models! List price $49.95 – $69.95; our price: $ 14.98 per pair!


SkyHAWK Yachtsman II (polarized)

SkyHAWK Metro

SkyHAWK Laguna

SkyHAWK Top Gun



SkyHAWK Aviator

SkyHAWK San Diego

SkyHAWK Safari

SkyHAWK SAFARI II (polarized)

SkyHAWK Palm Beach

Own the legendary sunglasses that look great, protect your eyes, aid in vision clarity, and reduce wrinkles due to squinting … own a pair of (new, generation 4) SkyHAWK BlueBlockers!

Famous SkyHAWK™ BlueBlocker sunglasses are the eyewear choice of yachtsmen, professional drivers, police officers, athletes and seasoned travelers worldwide. Winners of multiple awards for their design, safety and critical eye protection (including the prestigious ICPF Award for “Best Eyewear Product” in 2000), these quality glasses are prized by their owners, many of whom have discarded much more expensive sunglasses in favor of the protective, eye-relaxing, vision enhancing BlueBlocker experience. **** These are genuine SkyHAWK brand BlueBlocker sunglasses with acclaimed BlueBuster lenses; not to be confused with the “original” infomercial brand (BluBlockers) which was heavily marketed on television some years ago. While we think highly of those sunglasses, we feel that the SkyHAWKs are … how do we say this with respect? … ‘at least’ the quality of original BluBlockers, and we have a track record of customer satisfaction that supports this. SkyHAWK™ BlueBlockers screen 100% of the sun’s damaging UV, UVA, UVB and blue light … relaxing eyes, eliminating the need to squint (and thereby reducing “crow’s feet” wrinkles), sharpening vision and protecting against vision fatigue, damaged eyesight and eye diseases including cataract (often caused by unhealthy UVB & UVA solar exposure). These are not “knock off” or “bargain booth” product, but genuine SkyHAWK™ BlueBlockers … a serious pair of top-quality sunglasses featuring coated, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, lightweight and sweat resistant carbonite frames (except on metal frames models), and quality, corrosion-resistant hardware. You may choose one of the following: the 2012 “SAN DIEGO“, the “YACHTSMAN“, the polarized “YACHTSMAN II“, the “PALM BEACH” model (available in your choice of a classic BlueBlocker lens or darker UV-400 driving lens, the sexy new (mono-lens) “TOP GUN” style, the fashionable and always popular “AVIATOR” model, the “SAFARI” Clip-On/Flip-Up model (in both BlueBlocker and Polarized models), the new-for-2011 “METRO” model (with new nickel-silver dark metal frame) or the fun and  refined “LAGUNA” model.  These fine glasses come to you brand new in their original protective packaging. Sold nationally at their list price of $49.95 (more for some models) per durable pair! We ship to US addresses only. BONUS GIFTS – Get a FREE SkyHAWK lanyard ($3.95 each value) AND a FREE SkyHAWK Microfiber case ($3.95 each value) with your sunglasses purchase!

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HELM GUARD – The leading coded ignition interrupter system can, quite simply, save your vessel. For just under $80 per engine, experience the peace of mind that comes from having HelmGuard protect your boat. Electronic by nature, HelmGuard uses zero electricity to operate (so is ideal for boats left unattended for long periods of time)  and comes with a 2-year warranty. Order yours here:

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Little Red Screamer – Own the original LRS and own the very best in alarm sirens for all those things you worry about … like high bilge water, and low raw water levels. This mechanical siren (show painted in fire-engine red) is 12-volt and produces a siren that peaks out at 139db. Marine grade; one-year warranty (I’ve had three of them for 12 years and they work like the day I bought them) and cannot be missed in an emergency! List price: $149. CY price: $99 each. Order here:


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