Armstrong 25 Weekender Catamaran

The advantages of aluminum construction, the ruggedness of a commercial boat, and the stability and space offered in a catamaran come together in the Armstrong 25 Weekender. Armstrong Marine, Inc. of Port Angeles, Washington builds this boat (and many larger models), which is 25 feet long and 9’6” in beam. The boat looks commercial, and many of the characteristics that make commercial boats strong and rigid are present here. 

Armstrong 25’ Weekender Boat Reviews

Armstrong 25 Weekender Catamaran

Built to last for generations, the Armstrong is built of 5086 Aluminum alloy (.250 bottom p late and .190 side plate),  has a floor built on 24” centers, and features commerci al quality strengtheners in her hull. The 25 features a self-bailing aluminum deck aft, and sprayed polyurethane insulation to keep the boat cool in hot weather and warm in the cold.

The boat’s 10′ pilothouse offers 6’6” of headroom – at the top of it’s size class – and the Armstrong 25 Weekender sports 10 aluminum-framed windows. Heat is handled by a combination heater/range in the galley and all the other  comforts are addressed in the well-planned salon and V-berth sections of the boat. It’s notable that. as with most aluminum vessels, the level of ‘finish’ throughout the boat is top notch as far as aluminum welding, and somewhat utilitarian as far as wood and other surfaces. This is preferred by most owners as the low maintenance aluminum surfaces don’t require cleaning and refinishing as wood and various sorts of marine fiberboard would.

Ideal as a combination boat (that is, a boat from which he can fish and she can enjoy the yacht-like comforts) the Armstrong 25 Weekender, and her big sister the 30’ Walkaround Cruiser, are ideal for the marina customer who wishes to berth the boat. It is over the limit for trailering without a permit, however, and so will require a permit each time it is to be moved by road.

Armstrong offers propulsion by Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and other makers of quality outboard engines. Though other of the company’s boats offer inboard engine options, the 25 Weekender (a misleading name since this boat is equipped to make longer voyages) is strictly an outboard-powered boat. This is ideal, as it leaves more room for storage, etc. inboard.

The ‘work boat’ mentality that Armstrong Marine, Inc. puts into its boats is not just one of heritage, since Armstrong currently builds boats for the U.S. Government and government agencies of other countries. The Armstrong 25 Weekender benefits from this tradition, and an Armstrong owner can rely on the underlying foundations of safety, strength, rigidity and stability that both the builder and the boat they make promise.

* Photos courtesy of mftr. website:

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Glacier Bay Cat 2680 Completes 2700 Mile Odyssey


Glacier Bay Catamarans 2680

Glacier Bay Catamaran’s model 2680 made a 2700 mile odyssey between Seattle, WA and Glacier Bay, AK, no small accomplishment for a boat this size. This is also the vessel which completed a 1378 mile run to Midway Island in the South Pacific. Glacier Bay is noted for its quality of construction and the boats are revered for their seaworthiness, and the fact that their midsize cat has achieved these voyages speaks for the brand’s quality.

Glaci107132er Bay achieves the ruggedness of their boats through a no-compromise attitude about the materials and processes used to build them. The helms person experiences a mild, controlled helm as the hull (or hulls. in this case) absorbs whatever punishment the sea serves up. Glacier Bay claims that more than 60% in “peak impact loads” (the jarring and slamming common to V-hulls as measured in a test with an accelerometer) are eliminated vs. the test mono hull, which was a high-quality, identically-weighted, center console deep-V. A Glacier Bay 2660 Canyon Runner Center Console was the catamaran used in the test.

The sup107132erior sea-handling experienced in the 2680, and the space afforded by the fact that it is a multi-hull make it an ideal choice for those seeking to equip it as a yacht. Glacier Bay Catamarans offers a variety of options available to the new owner that include a quality galley, head and sleeper as well as an extended hard-top and canvas that encloses the boat and keeps heat or air conditioning inside.

The company builds both larger (3080 and 3480 Hardtop models) and smaller (2270 Cuddy) catamarans, so there is a choice to be made. Potential owners desiring a trailerable boat will want to consider size, as will those who plan to put their boat in a slip. Another consideration is that the boat comes only with twin outboard engines (Honda, Suzuki or Yamaha). While close quarters handling is excellent, you’ll have twice the costs associated with propulsion and propulsion maintenance. My personal take on the latter is that twin power on this wide, ocean going boat is necessary.

* Photos courtesy of mftr. website:


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Acadia 25 Lobster Boat – Old Fashioned Excellence

Acadia 25 Lobster Boat

Built to look and handle the water in the manner of traditional lobster boats, the Acadia 25 doesn’t disappoint. The Florida-built boat boasts standing headroom in the forward V-berth and amenities found on much larger craft.

Atlas Boat Works in Cape Coral, Florida takes the hull-design seriously too, and the Acadia 25, it follows, has a following of dedicated devotees. The hull sweeps to a tall, sharp bow, handles all seas gracefully, and has a trawler-like sureness at the wheel.

Powered by a Yanmar BY Common Rail diesel engine, the Acadia 25 cruises at 17 knots and reaches 21 knots at W.O.T. (150hp engine; the boat is available with a 110hp and a 180hp power plant as well) . The boat uses just under 4 gph at cruise speed and considerably less at displacement speeds.

The builders have gone to great lengths to keep weight low and economy high on the Acadia 25. The fact that they provide a 13lb anchor with the boat indicates they aren’t worried about weight. The back of the pilothouse is wall-less, using a heavy-duty curtain that rolls up out of the way to give passengers a closer communion with sea … another weight reduction measure.

Inside, the boat feels like luxury lobster boat, with wood on the walls and floors, sinks in the head and galley, four opening ports in addition to the windows and teak guards on all the counter top surfaces. The galley is “down”, giving the chef a lower center of gravity to work in, and the generous V-berth (surrounded by beautiful wood; including anchor compartment access through a teak cabinet door) features a step up for comfort and convenience.

The Acadia 25 uses a heavy-duty transparent curtain to close off the back of the pilothouse ... when needed.

24′ 10″
23′ 3″
8′ 6″
2′ 6″
Weight (dry)

Options on the Acadia include alternative diesel engines, an oil change system, bow-thruster, air-conditioning, shore-power system, a bimini-type aft cover and an aluminum trailer with tandem axle and brakes.Acadia 25 cruiser lobster boat






* Photos courtesy of mftr. website

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C-Dory Venture 26

C-Dory Venture 26

Just say the name C-Dory in a place full of boating enthusiasts, and you’ll get an idea of the following this company has. Manufacturer of some 9 models of vessels, this maker is perhaps the largest, most recognized builder of quality small boats – if not small yachts – in the world today.

The deeper-V hull and reverse chines make the ocean motion much more manageable on this C-Dory (and the Venture 23) that on other C-Dory mono hulls.

The C-Dory Venture 26 features 6’4″ headroom in the main cabin, which is separated from the 6’4″ (long) V-berth by a privacy curtain. The boat has a galley with a range and sink, with an opening for a marine refrigeration unit. A convertible dinette is on the opposite side of the galley. The house on the Venture 26 is of sufficient size that proceeding into wilderness areas for several nights at a time is doable.

Primarily used by fisherman, the Venture series boats also have enough space to be outfitted as yachts and used as a shallow draft expedition vessel or combination boats.  More coming soon …

* Photos courtesy of mftr. website:

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Seaway 24 Coastal Cruiser

Seaway 24 Coastal Cruiser

The Seaway 24 Coastal Cruiser has been called a “close cousin” to the Rosborough RF-246, and the boat resembles the Rosborough at first glance.  There are some significant differences both in construction and layout, and some conceptual differences in the designer’s purposes for the boat’s use, though, and the boat should stand on its own and not be compared to others.

The Seaway Coastal Cruiser has a max horsepower rating of 175, and sports a hull that gives it a draft of just 14″. It is light (4500lbs. dry) 8’6″ beam, and 24′ in length,  which makes it trailerable without a permit. The builder states that the boat is 100% fiberglass, with decorative wood used in the floor and trim only.

The Seaway Coastal Cruiser is built in Milton, NH, by veteran boat builder Eastern Boats. It may be worth a visit to their website at for more information.

* Photos courtesy of mftr. website
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SIGHTING – Rosborough RF-246 At Coupeville, WA

KOKOMO at Coupeville, WA guest dock

It was a glorious day on the Saratoga Passage which separates the Washington mainland from Whidbey Island. Penn Cove is located off the northern reaches of the Saratoga, on Whidbey Island, and is home to the scenic seaside town of Coupeville, where we spent a peaceful night tied up to the town dock.

Coupeville offers boaters fine dining and shopping, plus a key-protected shower and restroom. Be advised that there is no water or power available at this port.

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NEWSPOINT – Marinaut 215 Appoints Exclusive Dealer

Marinaut 215

NEWSPOINT – Olympia, WA based Toland Marine announced that the its new line of Marinaut boats (currently the Marinaut 215) has an exclusive dealership. The representation agreement for the boat line was awarded to E.Q. Marine, located at scenic Cornet Bay, Whidbey Island, WA. Yachting veterans Les Lampman and Kathy Kranig at E.Q. Marine now add their expertise to your purchase of the Marinaut 215, the venerable Rosborough RF-246, and the C -Dory line. “It’s (the Marinaut) a beautiful blend of looks, utilization, practicality and fuel economy,” writes Lampman, “Offering a large V-Berth, toilet, dinette, galley and large flat floor cockpit, all powered with a fuel-injected (EFI) outboard.” A 90hp outboard is recommended, but engines by Honda and Tohatsu up to 115hp are offered.   More coming soon …

* Photo courtesy of mftr. or dealer webite

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