One-year test results: Three Extraordinary Boating Products

We promised you tests after approximately one-year, and so we’ve checked out (and used unflinchingly) these products for at least one full year. Here are the results:

“CABIN WOOD CARE” (See “Easy Interior Teak Care” in the Op Ed Section) – reader and fellow boat owner Tammy Goddard brought this to my attention approximately three years ago and, after coating Kokomo’s teak with it then, I couldn’t be more pleased with this teak care product. It goes on really easily (no messy painting), can over-spill onto nearby paint with no problem, takes very little to coat and leaves my teak looking new (even removes water spots and stains!). To learn about Cabin Wood and where to get yours, see our article in the section of this site.  1-10 score: 10!

“AUTOTETHER” WIRELESS IGNITION KILL SYSTEM (Do a SEARCH for ‘Autotether’ on the top right of this page) – This device has been interesting and wonderfully freeing to use! It let’s me roam about the boat while the auto-pilot is engaged,

final product photodoing chores, straightening up dock lines and fixing drinks, etc., while not worrying that a sudden pitch might throw me overboard and the boat would continue without me. The “” has delivered everything it promised, and I tested it before writing this follow-up and found the batteries up to shutting off the boat when the remote fob (which I carry with me on a lanyard) contacts water. NOTE: I’m sad to say that the company seems to be out of business, because my rebate check “came back”  and I haven’t had any luck in reaching them since.  1-10 score: 8

“BAZOOKA BAILER” BAILING BOAT HOOK (See “Bazooka Bailer” in the ‘Gear & Electronics’ section) – Once a topic of the “great new product buzz’ in boating, the discussion around the “Bazooka Bailer” has become somewhat quiet. Maybe that’s because, though the bail feature certainly worked initially, it became clogged in relatively short order and unusable as a boat hook (won’t extend or retract and therefore cannot be locked into position) or a bailer (it’s clogged and won’t pump water). I’ve spent too much time trying to unclog/fix it already, and so I give it a score of 2 on the 1-10 scale. 1-10 score: 2

I’ll review several more products in future articles, and I hope you’ll let me know of any experience you’ve had with a boating product that you’d like reviewed. Thanks for reading!



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